A new look….

With the new year, many things have changed; the leaves of this old blog for one, a new job for me, and a renewed vigor to post more knowledge, tricks, and solutions of issues that I have either experienced or have stumbled upon.

As you have already seen, I’m trying out a new template on the site. I’ve also played around with some graphics and dressed up the site based off the comic book I named her after.

This past summer I took a job with a Professional Services team for a major Solutions Provider. The job allows me to stretch myself and broaden my skill-sets even further. It does have some nostalgia about it, but this time – it’s all about virtualization in the datacenter. (Many moons ago, I was an onsite technician that had to repair/install/sell whatever the customer needed.)

I’ve also looked at my history with this blog and found that I have neglected it over the last year. Which is really weird, as I have numerous ‘notepad’ entries. But I have let time slip out of my fingers and never put pen to paper to share these tales.

With my new job, I am exposed to a number of items to write about. For instance, I have an entry I am about to make about a timeout that I have witnessed during svmotions. Going forward, my goal for this year is to have this blog thriving with energy and excitement!


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