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The other day I mentioned that I would be starting a ‘Folding@Home’ project. You may be wondering what is “folding at home”? I had to explain it to my wife, as well. Let me see if I can make it more understandable for you, than I did for her. Researchers around the world are working on various diseases that effect

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On January 20, 2020 the first case of Coronavirus (Covid-19) was reported in the United States. (An active timeline can be found here.) Since then, there has been numerous cases reported around the world, and in all 50 United States. The World Health Organization has designated this a global pandemic. As more and more people get sick in the US,

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VRealize Automation 8 Removes Key Features, Adds New Services

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VRealize Automation 8 lacks approval policies and some XaaS functionality, but it introduced ABX scripts, Cloud Accounts and Cloud Assembly as part of its cloud optimization. The following Article was written by Rob Bastiaansen. I found the original article here. I wanted to share this, because I believe that Rob was spot on with his review of vRA 8 on-prem.

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Home Lab Redux: The Nuke & Pave

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My homelab is undergoing yet another rebuild – partially my fault, partially time to just start fresh, partially because half-way through an experiment I said ‘screw it!’ and then commenced to nuke and pave! I believe that’s the circle of life for a home lab (or any lab) though. I mean, we build a “lab” (or test environment) for experimentation

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Hello World – Ulysses Version

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Hello World! Something new. I’m trying something new and I’m not sure if I am going to like it, or not. I have downloaded the Ulysses writing app for my iPad – in hopes that it will encourage me to want to write more for my blog, We shall see, if this takes off. If not, then I’m out

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