Coronavirus, Covid-19
Coronavirus, Covid-19

On January 20, 2020 the first case of Coronavirus (Covid-19) was reported in the United States. (An active timeline can be found here.) Since then, there has been numerous cases reported around the world, and in all 50 United States. The World Health Organization has designated this a global pandemic. As more and more people get sick in the US, several individual states are calling on “social distancing” and isolation to help ‘flatten the curve’.

Like many, we are probably watching the news and tracking cases as they are reported in our areas. I’m sure you have bookmarked the Worldometer website and like me, check it daily – border-lining on obsession.

Several companies, like mine, have moved towards working remotely from home. This has been a transition for me and my family; getting adjusted to the new reality of what this means, and how we all are having to work together to maintain a routine, and so kind of normalcy. (As well as our sanity!)

While working from home, I am already working on new VMworld Hands On Labs (HOL) content for this year, as well as many other projects. There is one project that I am interested in and will be spending some time on it starting tomorrow. If this can help, I want to feel like I can participate in some way. Therefore, I am going to look at helping the research community dig into the Covid-19 Coronavirus using the Folding@Home appliance.

Amanda Blevins from VMware wrote up a nice blog entry about VMware’s involvement with the program. You can read it here. Additionally, you can follow along with me as I start up the project and get it going.

For those of us that are hunkered down, this is a way to keep our minds active and busy while hopefully help the world.

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