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My name is Sam Aaron. I’m a Sr. Consultant in the Professional Services Organization for VMware. I consult, create, implement, and install virtual environments of all sizes for numerous types of customers and companies. My focus is on vRealize Automation and VMware Infrastructure. As a member of VMware’s Team Viking, I have been priviledged to see and perform advanced implementations of our products. Additionally, I have been a Lab Captain for VMWorld Hands On Labs for the last three years. I have helped create and develop the VRA Challenge Lab (HOL-1890) for VMWorld and various virtual forums around the world. If you’re interested in my background, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

When I’m not working, I have several hobbies that I enjoy. Among these are collecting comic books, playing with my computer lab, playing a few games, watching movies, and of course spending time with my family. I am a MINI enthusiast and belong to the GA MINIacs and the Atlanta MINIs motor clubs. I enjoy being able to load up in the car and go visit my favorite places.

micronauts.us is my online home, launched in April 2010. I’ve been blogging privately since early 1999 and decided to create a proper website. I started blogging for several reasons, first of all I enjoy sharing my knowledge, secondly I’m easily fascinated, amazed, frustrated and puzzled by all the problems and gotchas that I come across in my day-to-day routine. Once these little buggers poke their heads out into the sunlight, some resolutions are not an easy task to come by. This blog acts as a central spot to retain the resolutions and other trivial knowledge that I discover. Basically, It’s a little slice of me, my work, and a collection of solutions I’ve found. It will always be a work in progress.

Views expressed here are my own. I am solely responsible for all content produced here. No information provided here was reviewed by or endorsed by VMware, Microsoft, or anyone else for that matter.

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