VCP 5 Certified

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Over the last year and a half, with changing jobs and most of my time dedicated to the job I was on, I have not had an opportunity to take the required training needed to upgrade my VCP 3 to VCP 4. This past December, I started work for a new company. Since then, I have been sent to the required training that was needed to update my certification from VCP 3 to VCP 5. As of this past Friday, Jan 27th, I passed the exam.

For anyone interested in how I studied, I was sent to the required “What’s New v5” from VMware. While this gave me a good overview of the new features, I needed some more in-depth understanding of them. So I used Train Signal’s vSphere 5 Training to get a better understanding of these new features. And of course, I updated my lab for some actual “hands on play”.

I read numerous blogs that discussed the exam in preparation. Simon Long and Scott Vessey‘s blogs were a couple that stick out. Most were saying that they were note seeing “Config Maximums” questions on the exam. I can add that I did not see any either. Most of the questions were scenario based. As well, most of the questions were multiple answer multiple choice.

I can’t discuss the questions and answers that I saw on the exam, however, I will let you know where my exam focused. I had numerous questions regarding these subjects: EVC, vDR, Resource Pools, Specific Pre-Defined Alarms, and Advanced DRS.

For anyone looking to take the exam, good luck. I suck at sitting for exams, and so it was a nerve-racking experience for me.

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