Script: Detailed NIC Information Report

sam.aaron/ August 22, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Over the last few days, my coworker and I have been working on a script that will go out and collect detailed network information for each NIC on our ESX hosts. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I strolled over to Alan Reneuf’s website ( I had remembered seeing a script (“More Network Info”) he created that I knew could collect the info we wanted. Thank you, Alan.

I copied Alan’s script into Notepad++ and started to work with it. One of the things we needed to know was duplex information. Since that wasn’t in the original script, I added it. I didn’t need to know the number of active virtual switch ports, so I removed that portion.

Here are the end results of this modified script.


The above script may not actually display properly within this blog entry. If this is the case, you can download the script here.

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