Hello World!

I’ve decided to start a technical journal of sorts. A place I can collect some information on the tools that I come across, voice my opinions about products, and list the results of my evaluations from the tests that I have conducted. I’m also creating a knowledge-base to house generic documentation that I have created and collected to reference in the future. I will try my best to reference the various authors and locations that collected documents were gathered from.

Over the last several years, I have found a number of super cool software tools and hacks that catch my eye. Of course, once I read the material, I am immediately convinced that I have to try it. And when the attempt is underway, it never fails, I come across a step that doesn’t work, or isn’t documented very well. Usually this is because either my home lab isn’t up to par or I am trying to do something different than the documented instructions. Of course, I fallback on Google searches, but even Google can come up empty handed sometimes. Some answers just never seem to work. I wind up throwing myself into the cauldron and start to troubleshoot and determine how to fix and complete the task. I either leap the hurdle that I come across, or I deem the project failed, toss it aside and move along to the next one. I should note that I usually spend a good deal of time on these projects before tossing them aside. On rare occasions, I may wind up filing the project away for a later date to look at it again with a fresh perspective and fresh eyes.

This technical journal will be its’ own on-going project. One that I will probably never finish, and will always be improving and updating.

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