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Unhandled Exception when logging into ESXi Host client

sam.aaron/ April 11, 2017/ Daily, ESX, ESXi, VMware/ 0 comments

Ran into this weird error after powering up the C.R.I.B. and logging into the ESXi Host to boot up VMs. This error popped up while using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Unhandled Exception (1) Cause: Error: [$rootScope:inprog] http://errors.angularjs.org/1.3.2/$rootScope/inprog?p0=%24digest The error presents itself with two buttons: Reload and Details. The picture displayed shows the details of the error that I got. You

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VMware VirtualCenter Server Service hung on “starting”

sam.aaron/ May 30, 2013/ Daily, VMware/ 0 comments

Discovered something interesting earlier today. I went to go work in vcenter and found that it was unresponsive. Thinking that the machine had recently “autoinstalled” a patch and rebooted. I first thought that maybe the vcenter service hadn’t started. I opened services.msc and found that the VMware VirtualCenter Server Service stuck on “starting”. I had no way to stop, or

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SVMotion does not rename files – Duncan Epping

sam.aaron/ January 30, 2013/ Daily, ESXi, VMware/ 0 comments

Duncan Epping posted just a few days ago on his blog – YellowBricks.com of an issue with files not being renamed when you svmotion a VM. This is a royal pain. Here’s a scenario of why this is aggravating. You have a VM named “TestVM”. When it was created, it created the folder “TestVM” within a datastore with the VM’s

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Maximum Switchover Timeout

sam.aaron/ January 27, 2013/ Daily, ESX, HowTo, VMware/ 0 comments

I recently ran into an issue where I was having to svmotion some rather large VMs (1-2TBs) that stretched over multiple datastores. During the svmotion, the VMs would time out at various percentages presenting this error. Consulting with Prof. G (Google) presented a VMware KB Article: 1010045. That article states; “This timeout occurs when the maximum amount of time for

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Unable to access file since it is locked

sam.aaron/ April 29, 2011/ Daily, ESX, ESXi, VMware/ 0 comments

I came across this error earlier today and spent the entire day troubleshooting it. So I wanted to share with you what my resolution was. I was getting this error on a MS cluster setup within my environment. I was working with a Systems Engineer; we were converting an existing MS cluster from using vmdks for the quorum and msdtc

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