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Online Dynamic Hard Drive in Failed State

I ran into a new situation. Here’s the setup, I’m at a customer’s location performing a migration of VMs from one SAN array to another (svmotion). Ok, Not that hard – not really. As soon as you let your guard down — even on the simplest of things, that’s when you get bit by something […]

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SVMotion does not rename files – Duncan Epping

Duncan Epping posted just a few days ago on his blog – of an issue with files not being renamed when you svmotion a VM. This is a royal pain. Here’s a scenario of why this is aggravating. You have a VM named “TestVM”. When it was created, it created the folder “TestVM” within […]

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Maximum Switchover Timeout

I recently ran into an issue where I was having to svmotion some rather large VMs (1-2TBs) that stretched over multiple datastores. During the svmotion, the VMs would time out at various percentages presenting this error. Consulting with Prof. G (Google) presented a VMware KB Article: 1010045. That article states; “This timeout occurs when the […]