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Online Dynamic Hard Drive in Failed State

I ran into a new situation. Here’s the setup, I’m at a customer’s location performing a migration of VMs from one SAN array to another (svmotion). Ok, Not that hard – not really. As soon as you let your guard down — even on the simplest of things, that’s when you get bit by something […]

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How to P2V linux into VMware ESX Server

I stumbled on this article a while back and stored it on a thumb drive. The original article was posted by Vladan Seget. It can be found here. If you do a lot of P2V conversions, I would recommend giving this a read over.

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VMconverter Virtual Appliance

Last year, Duncan Epping made a post about building a VMConverter Virtual Appliance using suse studio. It was a complete walk-thru from beginning to end on how to build the virtual app. I built one and it worked flawlessly. I used that little booger to run numerous P2V (Physical to Virtual) and V2V (Virtual to […]

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Changing the HAL from Multi processor to Single processor after P2V conversion

1.) Before making any changes to the VM, Create a Snapshot in Virtual Center. 2.) RDP or Console into the Server and go to Device Manager 3.) For Windows Server 2003, install the following hotfix. It does not require a reboot. This hotfix allows you to downgrade to Uniprocessor. WindowsServer2003-KB923425-v2-x86-ENU.exe (updated 08.01.08 – you do […]