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NetApp nSANity

sam.aaron/ May 25, 2011/ Daily, HowTo/ 2 comments

I was asked a few days ago to run a tool against one of my ESX hosts. The tool is called nSANity and was supplied by my NetApp vendor. This application is designed to collect details of all SAN and fibre connectivity for end-to-end diagnosis. It takes this data and makes an XML report out of it. The reason I

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Script: DOS Menu Batch File

sam.aaron/ September 21, 2010/ Daily/ 0 comments

Earlier today, I created a batch file to handle a small delima I was having. I have been assigned a project to build an Application Installation Image (ISO). This ISO will need testing in three different environments (DEV = A, QB = B, PROD = C). The ISO is exactly the same except for the config files. The config files

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