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Script: Drive Letter Order

sam.aaron/ May 12, 2011/ Daily, HowTo, Projects, VMware/ 0 comments

I’m currently writing an application (it’s a huge script – 2100 lines of code) in powershell to automate a weekly VM refresh operation that my team does every Saturday. At the end of the script, I wanted to check the newly deployed virtual machines to verify that the automated scripts did what they were supposed to. One of the items

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Script: DOS Menu Batch File

sam.aaron/ September 21, 2010/ Daily/ 0 comments

Earlier today, I created a batch file to handle a small delima I was having. I have been assigned a project to build an Application Installation Image (ISO). This ISO will need testing in three different environments (DEV = A, QB = B, PROD = C). The ISO is exactly the same except for the config files. The config files

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