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Home NAS Articles

sam.aaron/ July 14, 2011/ Daily, Home Lab, Projects/ 1 comments

As you know, I wound up building a new NAS for my home lab . This new build replaced a 1TB Dell PowerVault 745N. I was going to replace the Dell PowerEdge 2850, but wound up upgrading and repurposing it (like most companies). During the build of this machine, I found a few articles that I wanted to share (In

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NetApp nSANity

sam.aaron/ May 25, 2011/ Daily, HowTo/ 2 comments

I was asked a few days ago to run a tool against one of my ESX hosts. The tool is called nSANity and was supplied by my NetApp vendor. This application is designed to collect details of all SAN and fibre connectivity for end-to-end diagnosis. It takes this data and makes an XML report out of it. The reason I

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Project: Homelab

sam.aaron/ May 17, 2011/ Daily, Home Lab, HowTo, Projects/ 5 comments

PART 3: Storage I – NAS I haven’t written about my homelab project in some time. So I figured now would be a good time to write about my storage setup – since it is currently undergoing an upgrade. For this part, I will focus on how I am upgrading my current NAS unit. I am currently using a Dell

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