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PernixData – First Impressions

sam.aaron/ October 24, 2013/ Daily, ESX, Projects, VMware/ 0 comments

As you’ve probably guessed, I got a new toy in the lab at work. I’m talking PernixData v1.0. For my initial review, I will say that the install, setup, and configuration was very simple — just a few steps actually. This was probably the easiest installation that I’ve done in the last year.

Script: Merge Multiple Arrays

sam.aaron/ August 22, 2011/ Daily, HowTo, Projects, VMware/ 0 comments

Each Saturday my company does a refresh of a few different machines. This refresh consists of cloning a couple of production machines into our lab environment for development. It’s a very tedious process that takes the entire day to do. Until recently, this process has been done manually. I’ve been working on a script to automate the process as much

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Home NAS Articles

sam.aaron/ July 14, 2011/ Daily, Home Lab, Projects/ 1 comments

As you know, I wound up building a new NAS for my home lab . This new build replaced a 1TB Dell PowerVault 745N. I was going to replace the Dell PowerEdge 2850, but wound up upgrading and repurposing it (like most companies). During the build of this machine, I found a few articles that I wanted to share (In

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Project: Homelab

sam.aaron/ May 17, 2011/ Daily, Home Lab, HowTo, Projects/ 5 comments

PART 3: Storage I – NAS I haven’t written about my homelab project in some time. So I figured now would be a good time to write about my storage setup – since it is currently undergoing an upgrade. For this part, I will focus on how I am upgrading my current NAS unit. I am currently using a Dell

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HowTo: Ethernet Cables

sam.aaron/ May 1, 2011/ Daily, HowTo, Projects/ 0 comments

Over the years, I’ve had to create a number of ethernet cables, both for my own usage, as well as for the companies I’ve worked for. It took me forever to memorize the color code for ‘straight’ ethernet cables, and I still have to look up the color combination for cross-over cables (as I don’t make a lot of them).

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