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Script: All Rise

sam.aaron/ January 6, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Yesterday, I posted a modified script that can be used to shutdown all VMs and ESX hosts in an environment. That script is useful for when you need to bring down an entire environment. It’s easier to have a script go in and gracefully power off all VMs and ESX hosts, versus all the right-clicking you would have to do

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Script: Emergency – Shutdown

sam.aaron/ January 5, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Recently I had a vSphere 4.0 U1 environment experience a major outage. I had to bring down our entire environment consisting of 242 guests and 6 hosts. I knew that I had a bash script that I wrote for a 3.5 environment for this scenario, but due to logistical reasons it was unavailable. I had to come up with a

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