Missing NIC

sam.aaron/ August 27, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Had an interesting event yesterday. A new application build was underway that wasn’t going very smoothly. Snapshots were being made and reverted rather frequently. After one one snapshot reversion, progress on the install was being made. Approximately three hours went by and a high priority ticket was raised. Something had gone wrong, and no one could access the VM. It

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Script: Detailed NIC Information Report

sam.aaron/ August 22, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Over the last few days, my coworker and I have been working on a script that will go out and collect detailed network information for each NIC on our ESX hosts. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I strolled over to Alan Reneuf’s website (www.virtu-al.net). I had remembered seeing a script (“More Network Info”) he created that I knew could

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SAN Loop Failure

sam.aaron/ August 2, 2011/ Daily, ESX, VMware/ 0 comments

Here’s an example of how important it is for your VMware Engineers to either have visibility into the SAN infrastructure, or work very intimately with the SAN Admins. We lost a fiber loop on one of our NetApp FAS 3160 SANs yesterday. If my team did not receive the critical fail-over emails, we would not have known that there were

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Unable to access file since it is locked

sam.aaron/ April 29, 2011/ Daily, ESX, ESXi, VMware/ 0 comments

I came across this error earlier today and spent the entire day troubleshooting it. So I wanted to share with you what my resolution was. I was getting this error on a MS cluster setup within my environment. I was working with a Systems Engineer; we were converting an existing MS cluster from using vmdks for the quorum and msdtc

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Multiple Cores for VMs

sam.aaron/ March 18, 2011/ Daily, ESX, ESXi/ 0 comments

Is it possible? To have multiple cores per CPU on a VM? I recently stumbled upon a VMware KB #1010184 that says it is. Holy cow! Here’s the kicker. For this to work, to have to meet the following requirements: Running ESX 4.1 or ESXi 4.1 Virtual Machines on Hardware Version 7 ONLY Virtual Machine Operating Systems that support the

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